Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting

Название базовой системы (платформы): Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server
Разработчики: Oracle
Дата последнего релиза: 2014/12/12
Отрасли: Торговля
Технологии: SCM

Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting - streamlines forecasting processes and provides actionable insight by highlighting potential problem situations that require intervention or opportunities that can be pursued proactively.

Customer priorities that are reflected in one enterprise forecast drive planning and optimize operations via integration with financial merchandise planning, pricing, promotions, purchasing, allocation and replenishment.

Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting allows retailers to maintain a single projection of forecasted demand across all Commerce Anywhere operations efficiently and accurately. The results they achieve include increased revenue and profitability while reducing inventory:

  • Translate detailed and summarized data efficiently into forward-looking actionable insight to guide more profitable decisions.
  • Automate data management and cleansing of historical anomalies, with manual updates by exception.
  • Maximize forecast accuracy by applying the appropriate forecasting method to observed or predicted selling patterns.
  • Adjust forecast to correct for out of stock, seasonality, recent trends and other causal factors.
  • Increase revenues due to improvements in forecast accuracy for promotional and nonpromotional items, as well as reduction in out of stocks.
  • Reduce safety stock inventory and improve the flow of orders and inventory to meet predicted demand and actual sales.

Этапы процесса прогнозирования спроса (2015)

Создание новых прогнозов доступно на основе методики моделирования на основе исторических данных о продуктах (2015)


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